Help by Volunteering
FCAP greatly appreciates all veterinarians and veterinary assistants who volunteer at spay/neuter clinics.  We also train general volunteers to assist before, during, and after these clinics.  Assistance between clinics includes facility clean-up, laundry, surgical instrument packing and autoclaving, and temporary care of cats who may need a few extra days or weeks of medical care before return to their place of origin.  Call 336-378-0878 or e-mail FCAP's President to volunteer with great people!

Help by Donating Supplies
FCAP always appreciations donations of supplies listed here.
You may leave them at our facility at 1005 West Market Street.
If you need us to pick up donated supplies, call us at 336-378-0878 and leave a message or e-mail

Help Donating via Cash, Checks, or Credit Card
FCAP is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.  cash, checks, credit cards, or via PayPal are extraordinarily helpful.  Simply click the DONATE button below.  All donations are acknowledged in writing upon request.
(Note: To specifically donate for feral cats medical assistance, indicate your donation is for FCAP's Miracle Fund.)
You Can Help FCAP!
Phone FCAP at 336-378-0878 and leave a message.
Feral Cat Assistance Program   PO Box 29112   Greensboro, NC   27429
Help by Your Online Purchases
When you purchase items online, simply begin your shopping through services which donate a small portion of their profits to FCAP
SHOP online using Amazon Smile!
Help by Donating in Memory, in Honor, or in Celebration
FCAP receives and acknowledges your donations in memory of or in honor of friends and family, or to celebrate special occasions.  E-mail with your requests for memory, honor, or celebratory donations.  FCAP mails a card to each address you request, then mails to you a card acknowledging your tax-deductable donation.  Send orders early for holiday deliveries!
Help by Including FCAP in Your Trust or Will
Including a financial gift to FCAP in your Trust or Will provides significant support for our organization's viability and ability to serve for years to come.  Call 336-378-0878 or e-mail FCAP's President and tell us how we may champion your wishes to improve the lives of feral cats.

Help by Donating or Renting a Larger FCAP Clinic Facility
FCAP seeks a larger clinic facility, either for rent or donated.  Donors may enjoy significant tax benefits when renting or donating space to tax exempt organizations. Call 336-378-0878 or e-mail FCAP's President to discuss basic FCAP facility requirements.

Help by Advocating Spay/Neuter!
Remind everyone you meet to spay/neuter their pets and nearby ferals! Your friendly influence encourages others to prevent the proliferation and suffering of unwanted animals while reducing expenses at your own County Animal Shelter.

FCAP is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, assigned federal EIN #200144066.
SHOP for pet food and supplies through and FCAP receives a donation!