FCAP is an all volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in Greensboro, NC, improving the lives of feral cats through humane trapping and monthly ultra-low cost ($10 per feral cat) spay/neuter clinics.  Every month we teach humane cat trapping, loan cat traps, spay/neuter and vaccinate feral cats that you trapped, and we left ear-tip all cats processed through our clinic.  After you safely return spayed/neutered cats to their former environs, you return borrowed traps to FCAP.
FCAP does not relocate cats, nor find homes for cats, nor manage human problems.
A cat's tipped left ear is a universal sign a cat has been spayed or neutered and will never again reproduce.  When you observe a cat colony with left ear-tipped cats, it likely is well managed and its numbers gradually will dissipate over time.
Phone FCAP at 336-378-0878 and leave a message.
Feral Cat Assistance Program   PO Box 29112   Greensboro, NC   27429
Email FCAPpresident@gmail.com
To bring a cat to any FCAP monthly spay/neuter clinic you must receive a FCAP clinic reservation and you must attend one introductory FCAP Trap Class.  Here's how!
Between 5-11 veterinarians,
and 15-25 others, volunteer
one Sunday morning
every month
to Spay/Neuter and vaccinate between 65-100 homeless/feral cats.

FCAP is in our 22nd year of operation, thanks to our volunteers and donors.

Honor & Memory
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881 feral cats were spayed/neutered and vaccinated
by FCAP volunteers in 2017!
FCAP thanks
for an
August 2018 grant!